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I recently spoke with JohnnyHolland’s Jill Christ and Andrew Harris about research for the design process. The result is an easy-listening podcast, ready for download onto your iPod! Radio Johnny also has a huge number of other, fantastic podcasts.
Jill provides some highlights:
Sam Ladner share her insights about Design Research, and what the Interaction Design community [...]

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Lies are an important source of design insight. Design research ought to embrace lies as potential sources of creative inspiration. Lies are indicators of a gap between what we are and what we think we ought to be. Well-designed products soften and assuage the effects of this gap.
The other day, one interviewee asked me, near [...]


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Few would disagree that fundamental economic change is upon us. Business models are crumbling daily. From the auto industry to the banking industry, it is clear that old ways of doing things are no longer working. The market research industry is just as vulnerable to this shift, yet, like the auto industry before it, it [...]


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Why does sample size not matter in qualitative research? Because of the assumptions that qualitative researchers make, namely, that the social world is not predictable. Qualitative researchers believe that people are not like molecules or other objects; people’s actions are not predictable.
But quantitative researchers DO believe that social activity IS predictable. So when they compare [...]


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Newsflash from the Obvious File: The New York Times tells us that apparently, women like smart phones! This simplistic understanding of gendered experiences with technology is what makes poor technology. The journalist cites a marketer from AT&T, a supposed “expert” on gender-based design:
David Christopher, the marketing chief of AT&Tís wireless division, said women were [...]


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