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Social science meets computer science at Yahoo
How social scientists are building a reputation for resonant designs at Yahoo!
Watching the border: 60 Minutes
Why does automated border security not work? Because Boeing did not interview or observe real users
In Retrospect – Executives on How the AOL-Time Warner Merger Went So Wrong –
How not to design a new organization
interactions magazine | Why Marketing Research Makes Us Cringe
Dan Formosa succinctly describes why market research is no substitute for design research
Toyota lost its way…and found it
Most Westerners focus on a mechanistic, modular version of Toyota’s approach, which is actually systemic and relationship-based
George Ritzer Guest Post – Consuming America: What Have We Done to Ourselves? « Sociology Lens
Ritzer argues that over-consumption is endemic in our economy
Social scientists build case for ’survival of the kindest’
We may be wired to be empathetic; the new “soft skill” is for survival itself
Business.view: Analysis catalysis | The Economist
The Economist weighs in on Design Thinking
DT LIBRARY | Design Thinking Exchange
A curated collection of blogs, articles and resources
Design and Innovation Education
Businessweek’s assessment of design education
A Design Thinker’s Reading List : The World :: American Express OPEN Forum
Another collection of thoughtful articles on design and business

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