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Copernicus Consulting is a social research firm. We help our clients understand the socio-cultural lives of their customers, their employees, and their partners. We provide qualitative and quantitative research services including in-depth interviewing, focus groups, ethnography and online surveys.

We show our clients what is hidden in plain sight.

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Personas using archetypes, not stereotypes: giving women depth
Personas are a useful tool for both designers and marketers. When done well, they bring to life real people with real needs and values. They can help us make our products and messages intelligible, resonant, and meaningful. Unfortunately, this is not what usually happens, particularly for women personas.

Why the interview guide doesn’t really matter
How to convince your client to ask general questions in an interview guide.

Truth, Lies & Ethnography
Sam’s presentation and a brief commentary from the MRIA conference.

Newsflash: Men shop in grocery stores!
Grocery retailers are trying to understand “men.” What they really need to do is understand masculinity.

Values-based marketing: Patagonia gets it
What kind of crazy reverse psychology is Patagonia’s “don’t buy this jacket” marketing campaign? Spoiler: it’s not marketing.

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